Curing electric vehicle range anxiety

31 / 01 / 2020  |  Driver Guides

How far can I go?

Curing range anxiety

One of the biggest barriers people have when considering an electric vehicle (EV) is the electric range. It’s known in the market as ‘range anxiety’ – a fear of how far it can travel on a single charge. And the worry you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere with a flat battery.

The truth is battery capabilities of electric cars have already increased significantly in recent years, with most vehicles enjoying a range of at least 100 miles on a single charge and many vehicles having an even greater range.

Average range versus average journey

The average range of a fully electric car is around 181 miles. To put that into context, the average individual journey length in the UK is around 8.6 miles and in total around 25 miles a day. As is the case with published MPGs on petrol and diesel cars the range you get will depend on how you drive and the conditions in which you drive it.

Can I complete my journeys in an electric vehicle?

One factor to consider when deciding if now is the right time to adopt electric technology for your transport needs is whether you would be able to complete your daily journeys on a single charge of the battery.

Things to consider if you are thinking of a fully electric vehicle:

  • What sorts of journeys do you make most? For example, commuting, the school run or business journeys? Are your journeys short round trips? If you’re rarely completing 100+ miles in one day, you’ll find most electric cars are suitable for your daily needs.
  • If you are completing some longer journeys, how often? Is it an occasional trip or all the time?
  • The range on an EV may not suit your journey types 100% of the time, but if it suits travel needs most of the time, you should consider switching to electric.
Choosing the right model for you

The distances you travel each day will help determine the right EV for you.

As more and more manufacturers come on to the market, the range of new models will increase.

Already there’s a wide range of vehicle styles available from smaller city cars to ever popular SUV-sized vehicles.

How far could a single charge take you?

It doesn’t take long to realise that a high percentage of your journeys are well within the range of most EVs. The charge network on motorways and most cities is good. So, with a little bit of planning you can always ensure you are charged at home, on route or at your destination.

Some typical longer journeys

127 miles
121 miles
96 miles

90% of electric models available have an electric range greater than 100 miles


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