People Powered Impact

Collaborating for a better tomorrow by tackling the environmental and social challenges facing businesses and society.

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Our sustainability mission

We’re on a journey to deliver a positive impact for the planet, people, and society through sustainable and diverse vehicle solutions.

Destination: operate a net zero business that helps all people to achieve their full potential.

We nurture the planet together.
We create a diverse and inclusive working culture together.
We collaborate with local communities to deliver social value together.

That’s what People Powered Impact is all about – people working together to create meaningful, long-lasting change.

Ready to see what we can do? Launching in 5…4…3…2…1

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Tim Buchan, CEO, Zenith

Tim Buchan, CEO of Zenith

“At Zenith, we’re committed to delivering a positive impact for the environment, society, and our people.

I am proud to say that we’ve already achieved a lot, from the UK’s leasing industry’s largest Green Bond, to our People Promise delivering a thriving culture, all the way to our award-winning apprenticeship programme creating development opportunities for local people.

People Powered Impact is about taking our efforts to the next level through a holistic plan, addressing the critical sustainability issues that we impact upon, or impact upon us.”


Where will your journey take you next?