Gender Pay Gap 2019

We are pleased to report an improvement in our gender pay gap data for the period April 2017 to March 2018. This improvement is reflective of the work taking place to address representation of women in our organisation. We will continue to build on this by focusing on initiatives specifically targeted at closing our gender pay gap and overall diversity in our business."

Marisa Waddington, HR Director

Equal Pay

The gender pay gap calculation is not a comparison of pay between equivalent roles for which Zenith are committed to providing equal pay for equal work. Our pay policies and practice are designed to address any unconscious bias, particularly at the recruitment stage. A gender pay gap typically arises due to the employee demographics in an organisation. This report sets out the measures we have taken to close the gap and our ongoing actions to further address it.

Statutory disclosures

Zenith Vehicle Contracts Limited

Zenith has a number of employing legal entities. Of these, one company has more than 250 employees: Zenith Vehicle Contracts Limited – 429 employees. Under the regulations we are required to report our gender pay gap for this entity, as set out below.

Gender pay gap

Gender Pay Gap 2019

Bonus pay gap

Bonus Pay Gap 2019

* The mean is the average of all the numbers in the dataset i.e. adding all the relevant pay figures and then dividing by the total amount of relevant employees.

** The median is the numerical value which splits the top 50% of the population from the bottom 50%. This is calculated by listing all of the values in numerical order; if there is an odd number of values, the median is the number in the middle; if there is an even number of values, the median is the mean of the two central numbers.

Proportion of men and women in each pay quartile

Zenith reports a 25.0% reduction in our median hourly pay gap and a more favourable distribution throughout the pay quartiles. Our industry is traditionally male dominated, which creates imbalance in gender and pay. The gap is partly driven by demographic factors where there are more men in senior management positions than women. Roles which are eligible for commission create a further impact, our roles and opportunities for commission are available to men and women equally.

In response to this, a number of initiatives have been successfully introduced:

  • 50:50 target for recruitment of our apprenticeship and graduate programmes – this year we have achieved over our 50% target
  • 20% target of the workforce working on a flexible working arrangement – this year we have achieved 25%
  • 25% target of female leaders successfully completing Zenith’s Achieving Potential 6 month development programme – this year we have achieved 30% successful completion
  • 25% target of female leaders joining the Zenith’s internal mentoring programme – this year we have achieved 30%

We have also rolled out the following new initiatives:

  • Coffee mornings for new and expectant parents to meet on a monthly at our headquarters with their babies to build friendships, meet colleagues and ultimately ease their return to the workplace. We have seen 35% of our new and expectant parents regularly attending
  • From 1 April 2019, the waiting period (currently 26 weeks) to qualify to request flexible working will be removed with an aim to retain and attract a diverse workforce
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The calculations, data and assertions contained in this announcement are accurate for Zenith Vehicle Contracts Limited and apply the methodology provided in The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

Marisa Waddington, HR Director