How does salary sacrifice work?

Salary sacrifice is a simple and cost-effective way to finance the car you want.

With a salary sacrifice car scheme, you sacrifice a regular amount of your salary – taken before you pay National Insurance and Income Tax. All of your payments are taken from your salary automatically, so you have no extra bills to worry about.

The scheme is classed as a benefit provided by your employer, so you’ll pay Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax, but if you choose a brand-new electric vehicle (EV), the BiK tax is only 2% until 2025.

At Zenith our all-inclusive package covers driving related expenses, all with no deposit or credit checks. And we’ll negotiate directly with the manufacturers to get you the very best deal. Our dedicated team are on hand to support whenever you need.

Thinking about going electric?

If you choose an EV through the salary sacrifice car scheme you could typically save up to 50%* on tax, that could add up to thousands over the length of your vehicle term.

There’s also an extremely positive environmental impact of running an EV versus a combustion engine car. EVs run on electricity rather than fossil fuels; they’re made from more eco-friendly materials, and they don’t emit a thing from their tailpipes. Even their batteries can be recycled, reducing the need for more components to be made on future production lines.

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Our all-inclusive package

Brand-new car
Fully comprehensive insurance
Road tax
Scheduled servicing and maintenance
Breakdown cover
Replacement tyres
Windscreen and glass cover
Accident management

All with no deposit or credit checks!

*With salary sacrifice, you can save on BiK tax if you choose an EV. Average saving over the length of the vehicle term when comparing the salary sacrifice car scheme to personal contract hire using the same car and the same vehicle term, annual mileage and driver age and postcode.