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A 5-Point Daily Rental Checklist for Drivers

18 / 12 / 2019  |  Driver Guides

Taking delivery of a rental vehicle? Here’s a handy checklist of 5 things to consider:

5-point checklist

1. Time

Your hire vehicle will be delivered ready for the first day of your rental. If your booking is due to start early in the morning, the vehicle is usually delivered on the previous working day. Don’t forget to ensure parking is available when the vehicle arrives to avoid any hiccups.

The hire supplier will collect your vehicle up to 6 working hours after the end of your booking. Please make sure the vehicle is legally parked and the keys are accessible. In some instances the collection may be up to 48 hours after the end of your booking.

2. Fuel

Your vehicle will be delivered with a full tank of fuel, less any used during the journey from the branch to the delivery address. To avoid any fuel charges, please ensure the tank is full at the end of your rental booking. Any fuel used in the journey from the collection address to the branch will be added to the final invoice.

3. Condition

The hire vehicle should arrive with you in a clean and roadworthy condition. If you have any concerns about the cleanliness, condition or operation of the vehicle, please contact a member of the Zenith team.

4. Damage

Hire vehicles are driven by a number of drivers during their time on the road and will often incur minor damage, classified by BVRLA’s guidelines. Any existing minor damage should be noted on the delivery check sheet, so please be sure to check the condition of the vehicle against what has been recorded. If you spot any further damage that hasn’t been noted, contact the Zenith team within the first 24 hours of your booking.

Additional damage incurred to the vehicle during your booking will be noted on the collection check sheet and added to the final invoice. If this sits outside of the fair wear & tear guidelines, Zenith will log a formal claim.

5. Check sheets

As the driver, we ask that you review the condition of the vehicle against the delivery check sheet before getting behind the wheel. If everything is in order, you’re good to go! If you’re not present when the vehicle arrives, you’ll find the paperwork in an envelope in the vehicle or posted through the letterbox of the delivery address.

Can’t find the paperwork? Give us a call on the details below.


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