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Booking your tyre service or repair

03 / 04 / 2024  |  Driver Guides

The roads can be rough on your car, between potholes and sharp objects on the road, tyres may need to be repaired or even replaced. This guide will take you through how to book a tyre service through Zenith so we can get you moving again as soon as possible.

Signs you need a tyre service or repair

Tread Depth

If your tread depth is below 1.6mm, you need to get your tyre replaced – it’s illegal and dangerous to drive with tyres that are below this depth. Luckily, you can keep on top of your tread depth by getting a tread depth indicator or you can take a 20p, place it in the main tread groove and if the outer ring of the coin isn’t visible, your tread is ok.

Unusual vibrating

You will likely experience some vibration when out driving – particularly on country roads. However, you’ll notice something isn’t right when you change from a country road onto a smooth, newly tarmacked motorway and you’re still experiencing the same level of vibration through your car.

This could be due to a number of faults i.e., wheel alignment or faulty shock absorbers, but it could also be signs of a worn tyre so it’s a good idea to get it checked out.

Cracks in the sidewall

Cracks will appear in the sidewall of tyres as oil and chemicals in the rubber break down or evaporate due to UV light exposure.

The sidewalls of tyres are responsible for supporting the weight of the car, flexing and absorbing the impact from kerbs, speed bumps, and potholes. Driving with a crack in the sidewall can be dangerous, so you’ll need to get your tyre checked if this ever happens to you.

Before you start

How to find the information you need to book a tyre service

Book your tyre service
  • 1

    Know the brand of your tyre

    You will find the manufacturer’s brand name on the sidewall of the tyre. We’ll need this information to ensure the correct brand of tyre is available if you need a replacement.

  • 2

    Check the size of your tyre

    The tyre size can be found on the outer wall of the tyre on your vehicle and will be in the format: P225/70R16 91S. It’s really important we have all parts of the tyre reading, so that we can ensure the correct tyre is available for your replacement – incorrect tyre fitment can be dangerous to driving.

  • 3

    Now you can book your service

    Use the link on the left to go through to our online portal and request your tyre booking. We'll get a date pencilled in for you!

So, there you have it!

A step-by-step guide to booking a tyre service/repair with us. Our online booking platform allows you to book your replacement tyres or any tyre checks directly with one of our preferred suppliers in our network. If you’re still unsure or have any questions, contact your designated driver team – they’ll be able to help you out.

Book your tyre service or repair

If you need to book a tyre replacement, please make sure you have the tyre brand and size before booking.

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