Driving overseas post-Brexit

30 / 01 / 2020  |  Driver Guides

Planning on driving to other countries in the EU in the near future?

Following the UK’s departure from the EU on 31 January 2020 the country has entered a transition arrangement with the EU up to 31 December 2020. This means existing rules for driving in the EU will remain throughout 2020.

The rules for driving in the EU post 2020 will depend on the outcome of UK-EU trade deal, however the following may need to be considered:

1. An International Driving Permit

You may need to apply for an International Driving Permit (IDP), it might be familiar to people who drive outside of the EU and EEA. Along with a UK driving licence, an IDP is a legal requirement to drive overseas.

Currently, most drivers only need a UK driving licence to drive in the EU but, depending on the outcome of the UK-EU trade deal, each EU and EEA country will need to decide if UK drivers also need to carry an IDP from 1 January 2021.

A 1968 IDP may be required to drive in all EU member countries or Norway and Switzerland, with the exception of Cyprus, Iceland, Malta and Spain where a 1949 IDP may be required or a 1926 IDP for Liechtenstein.

If you’re planning your travel for next year consider your driving route carefully, as you may require more than one IDP if you plan on travelling to several EU countries, for example driving to Spain through France.

To avoid confusion, make sure you check before you travel and allow yourself as much time as possible to sort out the necessary paperwork.

IDPs are available at Post Offices for £5.50 each. To apply, you’ll need your driving licence and a passport photo.

2. A Green Card

In addition to the IDP you will need proof of insurance. A motor insurance ‘Green Card’ is an internationally-recognised document that acts as proof that a driver is insured to drive abroad. This can be requested from the insurer, usually about a month before you intend to travel.

Make sure your Green Card is valid for all countries you plan to visit and ensure that it has a minimum of 15 days’ cover left on it.

A separate Green Card may be required for any trailers that are being used.

3. GB Sticker

You might need to display a GB sticker, or GB sign on your number plate. GB is the distinguishing sign to display on UK-registered vehicles when driving outside of the UK.

If your vehicle is delivered without an EU flag on the registration plate during the transition period, you will need to purchase a GB sticker to display on your vehicle if you plan to travel to the EU in 2020.

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