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Navigating roads safely during autumn

31 / 08 / 2023  |  Driver Guides

Autumn driving tips

Unpredictable and varied autumnal weather conditions often require motorists to adapt their own driving style to ensure a safe and enjoyable drive. Autumn also places demands on your vehicle to ensure it remains reliable on the road.

In this guide, we delve into practical driving tips and car maintenance advice, helping you navigate autumn’s conditions.

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Tips for safety and comfort
Navigating leaf-covered roads

Roads can become adorned with leaves as trees shed their foliage. This can create a slippery surface, making it crucial to adjust your speed and exercise caution, especially around corners.

Image of leaves falling
Maintaining safe distances

Autumn’s unpredictable weather requires maintaining a safe following distance. Allowing more space between vehicles provides you with additional time to react to any unexpected changes in traffic.

Image of car steering wheel with sun glare
Handling morning fog

The onset of autumn often brings mist and fog during the mornings. Utlilising fog lights and low beams help improve visibility while ensuring a clear line of sight.

Image of VW parked up in foggy setting
Dealing with sun glare

The lower angle of the sun during sunrise and sunset can lead to blinding glare. Carrying polarised sunglasses not only enhances your vision but also prevents discomfort.

Image of car wheels in autumn leaves on a sunny day

Sharing roads with wildlife

Autumn marks a season of increased animal activity due to migration and mating. Driving cautiously during dawn and dusk can help you avoid encounters with wandering wildlife.

Essential maintenance for the season
Brake performance

Wet roads amplify the importance of responsive brakes. Regularly inspect your brakes and address any signs of wear or unusual noises promptly, to ensure optimal stopping power and control.

Image of Volvo tyre close up
Visibility maintenance

Autumn weather brings mist and rain, affecting visibility. Replace worn wiper blades and ensure your windscreen washer fluid is topped up. Clear visibility is crucial for safe driving in adverse conditions.

Image of wiper blades on windscreen
Fluid levels

Ensuring optimal fluid levels – such as oil, coolant, and brake fluid – keeps your vehicle running smoothly despite the seasonal fluctuations.

Image of car boot
Emergency preparedness

Unpredictable weather brings the importance of having an emergency kit to the forefront. Having essentials like blankets, a first aid kit, water and a flashlight can prove invaluable in case of unexpected situations.

Image of first aid kit

Embrace proactive driving practices and diligent vehicle care to ensure safe and smooth travels. With careful planning and vigilance, you can fully enjoy the beauty of autumn while confidently navigating the roads.

Image of tyre maintenance

Monitoring tyre tread

As road conditions shift, ensuring proper tyre tread becomes imperative to maintaining traction on wet surfaces. Employ the “20p coin test” to assess your tyre condition. Place the coin into the tread groove – if the outer border is visible, it might be time to replace your tyres. Also, keep an eye on tyre pressure as temperature fluctuations can impact it.

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