Overcoming range anxiety

12 / 04 / 2023  |  Driver Guides

Charging advancements and how to
locate EV charging points

Overcoming range anxiety

Don’t let range anxiety hold you back from driving your electric vehicle (EV) with confidence!
Despite significant improvements in EV technology, many drivers still worry about running out of power before reaching their destination. In this blog post, we’ll explore the latest advancements in charging technology that are helping to overcome range anxiety and show you how to locate charging points for your EV.

Advancements in
charging technology

First, let’s tackle the issue of range anxiety. Although EVs have made strides in range, it’s still a concern for many drivers due to factors such as speed, weather, and accessories. With recent advancements in charging technology, charging your EV has never been easier!


Depending on the model, fast charging can boost your battery to 80% capacity in just 30 minutes, while wireless charging is becoming increasingly available in roads and parking spaces. Plus, battery swapping technology lets you exchange your depleted battery for a fully charged one, eliminating long charging times and improving battery life.

The future of charging infrastructure

The charging infrastructure will become even more widespread and accessible, with more charging stations available and a growing charging station network. Smart charging systems will optimise your wait time, and energy storage solutions will be incorporated into the charging infrastructure, allowing for efficient charging during peak hours and reducing the strain on the electric grid.

How to locate charging points

Charging point locator apps like Zap-Map, PlugShare, and Open Charge Map can help you find electric vehicle charging points in real-time, with filtering options for connector type and charging speed. Many EV manufacturers also offer their own apps to locate charging points, specific to your make and model. You can also check your local council’s website for information on charging point locations in your area.

With these advancements in charging technology and infrastructure, and the availability of charging point locator apps, range anxiety is becoming less and less of an issue for EV drivers.

Take the wheel with confidence and enjoy the ride!