Supporting our customers: COVID-19

Together, we have faced one of the most challenging times we will ever see. As the UK’s leading independent leasing provider, we have a big role to play in keeping the UK up and running, the deliverers delivering and fleet operators operating. And that’s exactly what we did.

2.3 CES

From 1st February to 30th April, our average Customer Effort Score was 2.3. That means when we asked ‘how easy was your interaction with Zenith?’ our average response was ‘very easy’.


From March to May, we managed over 2,400 mission-critical jobs, in addition to our core tyre and breakdown services which provided assistance to many more.

55 NPS

From 1st February to 30th April, our average Net Promoter Score was 55. NPS measures customer loyalty and with scores ranging from -100 (unhappy customers) to 100 (loyal customers), we think we’re doing pretty well.


Whether it’s industry changes, government uncertainty or business challenges, we have always supported our customers, their employees, our partners and suppliers. We’ve always been confident enough to say that we’re prepared for anything, but this was an unprecedented situation.

We’ve all had to adapt and work a little differently. We’re proud to say that during this time, although it hasn’t always been easy, we continued to deliver the world-class service we are known for and, importantly, supported our employees that are delivering it.


Our people

Whether it’s your employees or ours, wellbeing comes first, every time. We closely followed government guidance and acted quickly, successfully implementing a virtual workplace in a matter of days.

For our people this meant limited exposure to public transport and the ability to social distance. For our customers and drivers it meant no change to our operational delivery. A different environment didn’t mean a different service – our extraordinary people worked tirelessly to ensure our customers and their drivers were fully supported. Every hour. Every day.


Based on our driver surveys we retained an industry-leading Customer Effort Score (CES) average of 2.3 and Net Promoter Score (NPS) average of 55.

*Statistics from 1st February-30th April


Our technology

We’re not like any other fleet provider. We’re independent. So we have the agility to innovate and invest big in technology.

Thanks to our years of planning and development with our robust systems, cloud-based network and access to collaboration tools, our transition to a virtual workplace was seamless.

Our customer service platform, Accelerate, continued to capture every transaction that flowed through our business with real-time updates. Whether at home, in the office or on the road, all queries were being tracked, shared and progressed to resolution by our friendly team. We’re all about making it easy.


For mission-critical fleets transparency and real-time reporting is key and that’s exactly what our platforms provide. Fleet operators could rest assured that we could pinpoint every vehicle, every asset and every journey, minimising downtime and increasing fleet availability.


From March-May, we managed over 2,400 mission-critical jobs, from supermarket deliveries to building supplies, in addition to our core tyre and breakdown services which provided assistance to many more.

On the road and fully compliant from a standing start

Like many other UK companies, Saint-Gobain UK temporarily closed branches during lockdown to protect their workforce.

With hundreds of vehicles stood down, preventative maintenance inspections (PMIs) had been put on hold and would need to be re-booked prior to the vehicles returning to the road. So when we got the call to re-mobilise the fleet we knew we had to act quickly.

To ensure the fleet was fully compliant, the Zenith team worked closely with Saint-Gobain UK to book hundreds of PMIs, follow up to confirm attendance, retrieve all relevant paperwork and check that no further work was required. Our trusted relationships with our network of suppliers meant that we were able to secure priority workshop slots in a busy re-booking marketplace.

The result? We were able to get the fleet safely back on the road in accordance with Saint-Gobain UK’s operational needs. Now that’s what we call teamwork!

“Zenith is a proven and trusted strategic partner to Saint-Gobain UK’s fleet operations. Compliance and safety are key to Saint-Gobain UK and we recognise how important it is to work with a partner that shares the same values.

By providing both funding and comprehensive fleet management support, Zenith not only ensures that the fleet is compliant, but also keeps us moving with cost and operational efficiencies. It’s a real added-value partnership.

The dedication of the Zenith team was seen recently with our challenge to quickly re-mobilise our fleet. Zenith were able to secure priority bookings to get our vehicles back up and running. The Saint-Gobain UK and Zenith teams worked well together, utilising twice daily calls to ensure the fleet was fully compliant in just a matter of weeks."

Ian Berrill,
Transport and Supply Chain Solutions Director,
Saint Gobain UK

Our service

In an industry that’s always moving, we never stand still. It’s what our customers can depend on.

Driving fleets forward

Whether it’s an opportunity or a challenge, it’s our role to support our customers and do what’s right for their business and fleet. Today, tomorrow, always.

Throughout this period Zenith’s customer relationship management team worked closely with customers to identify over 450 policy changes, resulting in customer saving opportunities of up to £7 million.


Policy recommendations with £7 million in savings opportunities.

This included everything from mileage reviews and risk management to choice list and Whole Life Cost (WLC) analysis. And we won’t stop there; we’re always looking for more ways to improve efficiency, it’s just what we do.

Hassle-free implementations

True to Zenith’s values, our drive and passion always shines through. In the last 3 months our team of in-house implementation managers
have progressed and launched new schemes and policies, from salary sacrifice and company car to LCV and specialist. Success!


Quick access to all vehicle types

Whether it’s a car, van, truck or specialist vehicle, when it comes to our rental team, they can sort it.

At any normal time, we have access to 300,000 vehicles in 1,500 locations. By proactively reaching out to our customers, we were able to ensure we could continue to meet the demand during lockdown. Just a small perk of having access to one of the largest rental networks in the UK.

Our rental team didn’t stop there. We also completed two customer implementations and completely refreshed our portal, making it even easier to request a booking.

“Just to say thank you and well done to your team. I contacted yesterday with an enquiry and again today, both times near instant service, issues sorted, absolutely first class!”

Marcus Dann, Group Fleet Manager, Imtech

At the heart of it all: communication

When faced with such an unprecedented situation, communication is key. From online FAQs to emails, driver guides and video chats, we kept our customers and drivers up-to-date with the latest information from the industry and our suppliers. Customer meetings continued via video conferencing and our people were always at the end of the phone, happy to help with any queries.

Here’s a snapshot of just some of the information we shared:

Driver FAQs

We answered some of our frequently asked questions for drivers to read in their own time.

Regular vehicle checks

To keep vehicles in a roadworthy condition we produced a weekly checklist for drivers.

Caring for your DPF

All diesel cars are fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), and it’s important that it’s maintained.

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