Zenith launches new menopause initiative

10 / 08 / 22  |  Group

Zenith, the UK’s largest independent vehicle leasing provider, has this week introduced a landmark new package to support colleagues going through menopause.

According to statistics, one in four people who menstruate consider leaving their jobs because of menopause, and with menopausal women being the fastest growing demographic in the workforce, Zenith’s new initiative will provide important support for colleagues.

As part of the package, Zenith will give colleagues the opportunity to expense hormone replacement therapy prescriptions fees. The company’s Menopause Champions will also host dedicated drop-in sessions to allow individuals to connect and share stories and coping strategies, whilst expert visitors, including Zenith’s own in-house GP, will also attend to provide advice and answer questions.

Zenith has also signed up to the Wellbeing of Women’s Menopause Workplace Pledge, which commits it to recognising the issue of menopause, talking openly, positively and respectively about it and supporting employees affected by it.

Vicky Thompson, Head of Compliance and Menopause Champion at Zenith, said:

We have a growing number of people who menstruate who have joined Zenith, and as a company, we understand the impact perimenopause and menopause has on our colleagues. For too long it has been an issue that has gone under the radar and we wanted to take steps to change that.

“That’s why we’ve introduced this initiative – not only to support colleagues going through both perimenopause and menopause, but to encourage an open conversation about the issue and to reduce the stigma around it. We look forward to taking the next step in becoming a more supportive organisation that provides the best environment for our people.”