Values Book - Blue

Our Values

We believe when we all share the same core values, we're a stronger team. Our values are far more powerful than just words. They underpin our whole company ethos and help us bring out the best in what we do.

I am innovative

Think freely. The impossible is possible.

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. It’s why we constantly deliver and grow; it’s essential to our future and it’s in our DNA.

Innovation lets us continue to lead the way and meet the evolving needs of our customers and the market.

Every one of us can innovate. If there isn’t a solution, we find one. If there isn’t a process, we build one. It all starts with ideas. Have one, have lots, then share them.

I am passionate

Add passion and we can make a good job incredible.

Passion is that extra bit of enthusiasm that makes us extraordinary.

We have passion for our customers, our brand, our people, our products and our services.

Passion means we enjoy our work. It’s what drives us to deliver the highest service levels and ensure we remain ahead of the competition.

I am agile

Be bold, have courage, think quickly and make it happen.

Our agility and adaptability helps us to develop and stay ahead of the competition.

We consistently out-think and out-perform to provide the best possible service.

It means we can reduce costs, improve fleet performance and create new products and services for our customers.

I am proud

Take pride and strive to do even better.

We’re proud to be leading the industry. We’ve enjoyed 30 years of continuous growth and built a strong and loyal customer base.

We’re at the forefront of the market with high service levels and innovative new products and services.

It’s led to us being honoured at many industry awards. But we don’t stop there. These achievements showcase our capabilities and spur us on to achieve even bigger and better things.

I am driven

Aim high. Never underestimate what we can achieve.

We didn’t get to where we are today by standing still. We got here through drive, determination, hard work, integrity and innovation.

Our past success paves the way to our future. We aim high and don’t underestimate what we can achieve.

Believe. It can be done.

I am honest

Act with honesty and integrity and the rest will follow.

These values are the starting point of everything we do. They’re the foundation of our decisions and how we act towards others.

Acting with honesty and integrity means we deliver unrivalled service every time.

It builds trust and inspires the confidence that keeps our customers coming back.


Ready for a gear change?

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