Industry Insights - April 2024

23 / 04 / 2024  |  Blogs

This month at a glance

First MOT test to remain at three years
The Department for Transport (DfT) has consulted to seek views on extending the date of the first MOT for cars, vans and motorcycles. Of the 4,500 respondents, 84% were opposed to changing the date, with a high volume of concerns raised in relation to road safety. Therefore, the first MOT test will remain at three years from registration and annually thereafter.
Through-pavement EV charging
Kerbo Charge is continuing its roll out of through-pavement electric vehicle charging channels with the latest trial taking place in Hartlepool. Allowing residents to safely charge their electric vehicles on the street from their own supply, Kerbo Charge is currently available in various local authorities in England, including Central Bedfordshire, Milton Keyes and Nottinghamshire. Prices start at £999 including fitting and obtaining approvals from the local authority.
EV charge point close up on vehicle

Kerbo charge

Check if you can order Kerbo Charge yet by entering your postcode on the link below.

Government direction, policy and industry lobbying

National Highways TRIP campaign acronym, top-up, rest, inspect, prepare.
Spring into Safety: National Highways’ Road Safety Campaigns

National Highways has three road safety campaigns to help road users stay safe on the UK road network this spring. The first includes tips for drivers on how to prepare for long journeys during holiday periods.

The TRIP elements of the campaign are:

  • Top up – fuel/battery, oil, and screen wash
  • Rest – plan your rest stops every two hours
  • Inspect – tyre pressure and tread
  • Prepare – for all weather conditions.

TRIP Resources and more information can be found on the National Highways website.

National Highways


Taking your vehicle abroad?

Check out the BVRLA’s advice and frequently asked questions.

Digital tacho for overseas travel from next year

From 31 December 2024, all international road transport vehicles weighing 3.5 tonnes or more must switch to the latest smart tachograph. The change is to allow improved tracking and safer roads when vehicles are travelling outside the UK.

Whilst the deadline isn’t until the end of the year, it’s likely that slots for upgrades to tachograph centres will become increasingly hard to come by, so if you have vehicles that regularly travel outside the UK, you may wish to look at this sooner rather than later.

Concept image of an alternatively fuelled HGV
Zero Emission Truck Taskforce publishes pathway to HGV decarbonisation

Senior leaders from Scotland’s HGV industry have developed a set of actions to help the sector transition to net zero.

The HGV Decarbonisation Pathway is the result of 18 months of work by the Zero Emission Truck Taskforce with representatives from truck manufacturers, Government, unions, and the finance, energy, haulage and logistics sectors.

The pathway is based around four key challenges posed by a move to zero emission trucks:

  1. Energy infrastructure
  2. Financial models
  3. Confidence in technological and commercial change
  4. Workforce skills

The pathway will be revisited in three years to build on the progress made.

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