Industry Insights - November 2023

30 / 11 / 2023  |  Blogs

The Autumn Statement

The Autumn Statement brought some stability and certainty for the fleet sector last month, with no major changes to motoring taxes, albeit operators running a salary sacrifice scheme should note the £1 uplift in national living wage and extension to 21 and 22 year olds.

There were some key announcements, such as the £2 billion for automotive companies to ease the transition to EV manufacturing, and improvements to speed up grid connections and support the prioritisation of EV charging.


As part of our VISION series, we’re inviting you to watch our webinar – Responding to: The Autumn Statement 2023 for a full summary and discussion of the announcements with experts from BVRLA and Logistics UK.


HMRC has confirmed the position for companies reimbursing the costs of home energy used for charging company cars and vans. In the latest Employment Income Manual (EIM23900), HMRC accepts that reimbursement forms a linked benefit and therefore there is no separate charge to tax, regardless of whether there is charging for private use.

Cash for car allowance
court ruling on National Insurance

HMRC has recently issued guidance following a case where two companies sought to reclaim National Insurance on cash allowance payments made for the provision of a private car, where there is business travel. This case ruling has opened up the opportunity for employers to benefit from reduced NIC if they meet the same criteria. We have pulled together a fact sheet with the full details to help you decide if this may be something that is applicable to your business.


Rules of Origin’

Further to our update last quarter, France is now signalling support for the UK’s call to delay when Rules of Origin will apply. There has been extensive lobbying from the industry, in both the UK and EU for both parties to reach an agreement to amend the Rules of Origin. Zenith is involved in the discussion, sharing the potential impacts for our sector and we hope that there will be a positive outcome before the end of the year.

DAF electric truck without the trailer

Government consultations

This has been a busy period for Government Departments. The consultation considering if the UK should adopt the EU Euro 6E emission standards closed and a Call for Evidence was launched by the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero, looking at whether the UK should mandate the reporting of Scope 3 emissions.

In the response to the ‘Future of Transport Regulatory review: ZEV,’ the Department for Transport (DfT) will now require Local Transport Authorities (LTAs) to produce local electric vehicle (EV) charging strategies and ensure provision of charge points. This recognises the urgent need for an affordable charging infrastructure that meets local needs, such as improved on-street residential charging, and will be welcomed by the sector.

Finally, as part of Freight Week a consultation was launched to gain the views of what infrastructure is needed for the HGVs transition to ZEV.

If you’re a customer of Zenith and have any thoughts on any of the open Consultations that you would like us to consider as part of an industry response, please speak to our fleet consultancy team or your Customer Relationship Manager.

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