Summer driving tips

14 / 07 / 2020  |  Driver Guides

If you’re planning on a long getaway drive this year, make sure your journey is as comfortable and safe as possible. Read our summer driving tips to prepare you for your travels.

Before you set off

Check tyres, top-up windscreen wash and make sure you’ve got the keys for any locking wheel nuts, just in case!

Don’t get caught out. Have a pair of sunglasses to hand, but make sure they’re not too tinted, and wear footwear that allows you to safely operate the controls – flip flops aren’t recommended.

If you’re travelling with kids, bring plenty of things to keep them entertained and don’t forget the drinks and snacks.

If you’re one of the 13 million UK hay fever sufferers, check that your medication is non-drowsy and if you feel under the weather, ask a partner or friend to drive.

On the road

Keep an eye out for animals, motorbikes, cyclists and pedestrians. Stay safe and avoid fines by allowing at least 1.5m when overtaking a cyclist.

If you’re planning a long drive we’ve rounded up some of the apps that could help your journey to go smoother:



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