Zenith makes industry-leading electric vehicle commitment

12 / 02 / 20  |  Industry

Zenith has joined a global initiative committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) and making electric transport the new normal by 2030. The EV100 initiative, by The Climate Group, brings together forward-looking companies to drive the electric transport transition, reduce air pollution and climate change.

The move, from the UK’s largest independent vehicle leasing company, will help to address CO2 emissions from the transport sector, which is the fastest-growing contributor to climate change, accounting for 23% of global energy-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Zenith plans to switch its own fleet to 100% EV by 2025 – five years ahead of the target date required by EV100. Electric transport offers a major solution in cutting millions of tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, as well as curbing transport related air and noise pollution.

Commenting on the move, Tim Buchan, chief executive of Zenith, said: “Joining EV100 is key to supporting and delivering on the ambitions of Zenith and the needs of our customers. We are taking a lead in the transition from fossil fuels to electric in the UK and helping corporate clients and consumers maximise their opportunities and support their transition to electric and alternative-fuelled vehicles.

“We believe leasing companies have a pivotal role to play in delivering meaningful and successful EV strategies and policies. The wide-ranging and complex challenges faced by fleet and infrastructure requires corporate leadership underpinned with data – Zenith believes EV100 is the platform to deliver this.”

Helen Clarkson, CEO at The Climate Group, added “We congratulate Zenith on joining EV100. This is a great example of a company making a substantial vehicle commitment and sending a powerful demand signal to the market. As a major leasing company committing to 100% electric vehicles on its own fleet by 2025 – five years faster than required under EV100 – they are leading by example and we need every leasing company to follow suit.”

The announcement coincides with the launch of EV100’s 2020 Progress and Insights Report which is released today, which shows demand for electric vehicles is on the up and that members are progressing fast towards their goals where models are available.

Zenith’s battery-electric fleet saved 1.32m kg of CO2 in 2019, making an annual estimated saving of 6.9m kg CO2 by 2021. The company is also addressing broader environmental targets to reduce employee net CO2 footprints and is working with customers’ sustainability and environmental managers.

Buchan concludes: “With an innovative and agile approach to EV leasing, Zenith is helping to increase the number of employees who can access the technology.

“Working with partners, Zenith can deliver end-to-end solutions from the vehicle to home charging infrastructure, to corporate energy solutions.”

Zenith has 140,000 vehicles under management, from bikes and cars to vans, trailers and trucks, and everything in between. At the forefront of the leasing industry, Zenith is driving change and pushing the EV agenda both within the business and externally. It works closely with industry bodies to lobby government, supporting the industry and promoting the vital role of the company car to our economy and the adoption of the green agenda.

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