Governance for good

We are open, transparent and responsible. When it comes to doing business well, we aim high.

Zenith is structured so as to ensure clear oversight, accountability and challenge at all levels. Conducting business responsibly means being open and transparent, and always nurturing good corporate governance.

James Edwards, Group General Counsel

Aim high

To ensure these aims are met, we operate boards and committees, covering all aspects of business and operations. This enables the business to be more agile, deliver better products and services, and ensure the best outcomes for our customers.

Holding board

The holding board is responsible for ensuring the success of Zenith. It provides strategic direction, purpose and governance.

Leadership board

The leadership board implements policy and strategy and deals with operational matters affecting the Zenith group of businesses.


Each of Zenith’s three divisions also has its own executive committee. You can find more details of our leadership and governance structures in our annual report.

ISO 27001

accredited since 2014


We do business with integrity, fairness and transparency. We operate frameworks and embed policies and procedures to achieve best practice and comply with applicable laws and regulations. We combine these policies and procedures with appropriate technical and organisational measures, regularly assessing risks to the business, all our stakeholders, and the wider public good.

Our legal and compliance teams and divisional representatives work together to develop and maintain those supporting policies and frameworks, covering areas including the prevention of tax evasion, anti-fraud, bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering, whistleblowing and conflicts of interest.

For an overview of our legal and regulatory frameworks and controls please go to our annual report.