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Fine tuning your fleet

Reduce costs, improve recruitment and retention, meet environmental targets. Whatever your goals, our consultancy service makes sure your fleet performs at its peak. Day in, day out.
Expert analysis covering all types of vehicles

Simply, your fleet keeps yours goods moving and your employees mobile. Our consultants are here to ensure it’s always in top gear.

We’ll work with you across all asset classes, from a full policy review to fine tuning a specific element. Working with you on a continuous basis to adapt to the changing fleet environment.

Setting the right strategy

Our specialists span finance, tax, salary sacrifice, employee reward, duty of care, environmental issues and fleet operations. They can help you with:

  • Funding options
  • Fleet and policy design
  • Legislation changes
  • Tax efficient strategies
  • Fuel policy
  • Transitioning to cleaner fuel types
  • Policy advice
  • Vehicle utilisation

Working strategically with directors and management teams, our aim is to fully align your fleet with your business objectives. We also benchmark all our recommendations against the industry. So you know you’re getting market leading performance.

An individual approach

Each fleet is unique. Whether it’s business critical trucks or an all employee car benefit scheme. That’s why a one size fits all approach doesn’t work. Instead we analyse your fleet, enhance process and policy and ensure cost efficiencies.

One last thing…

Over 12,000 vehicles analysed in last 12 months

£636 annual saving per car

£4.98 million total savings identified in FY2018

Over 75% of savings identified were from policy changes


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