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The best of both worlds

Take advantage of the benefits of both contract hire and ownership, with Contract Purchase. That’s great news for everyone. Especially if you’re VAT restricted.

Flexible alternative to contract hire

…and with many of the same benefits. Plus: the option to retain the vehicle at the end of the contract.

With contract purchase, your vehicles are provided through easy-to-budget fixed monthly instalments, over a defined period and mileage, with a final balloon payment. Giving you the power to decide what to do at the contract end.

A hassle-free, light touch solution

We’ll even provide an optional maintenance service, and handle all the admin. From sourcing the vehicles, financing and (if you need it) vehicle disposal. Making your life easier.

And don’t forget; you can take advantage of our fully outsourced fleet management solutions, ancillary products and services. That’s everything from consultancy, rental, servicing and maintenance, to accident management and risk management.

At the end of the contract you can

  • Retain the vehicle by making the final balloon payment, or
  • Return the vehicle and receive a guaranteed residual value payment, which can be used to offset against the final balloon payment

Take advantage of all these benefits

By getting the benefits of both contract hire and ownership, you’ll soon see the advantages of contract purchase adding up:

  • On balance sheet
  • Fixed cost motoring is easy to budget for and provides improved cash flow
  • Reduction in cost and risk over ownership whilst still maintaining flexible end of contract options
  • Available as a fully outsourced solution – all admin is handled by us
  • Upfront VAT benefit for LCVs

Still not sure?

Not to worry. We’ll use our experience and expertise to carry out a full funding analysis, based on your unique vehicle funding needs, to find the most cost-effective, tax efficient funding solutions for you.


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