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All the benefits, up front

Outright purchase. Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. Just the full up-front purchase of vehicles. No restrictions. No obligations. Total control.

The most flexible funding solution

Outright purchase is the full up-front purchase of vehicles. Direct from the supplier, facilitated by Zenith, using either your internal funds or alternative credit lines.

It’s simple: you pay the supplier in full for the vehicle. The vehicle will be registered in your name. And as far as DVLA and HMRC are concerned, you are the owner and registered keeper of the vehicle. Time to make the world your oyster.

And as there are no contracts in play, it’s much easier to flex your fleet when you need to. It can be cost-effective, especially if you’re able to use internal funds. The fleet belongs to you and will be shown in the company balance sheet. As a result, you’ll benefit from capital allowances – and much more.

Features and benefits

  • Increased control – if you own your own fleet, then the risks and rewards are entirely yours to control
  • No contractual obligations – you have complete control over such things as acquisition, disposal and end of life vehicle condition
  • Available as a fully outsourced solution which includes servicing and maintenance, tyres and glass, breakdown recovery, accident management disposal and much more

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