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Less risk, more rewards

Sale and Leaseback lets you free up valuable capital by selling your vehicles to Zenith, lets us look after your fleet, so you can concentrate on doing what you do best.

Switch to a risk-free fleet

You’ve got enough on your plate without having to worry about all the risks associated with vehicle maintenance, service and repair costs.

Not to mention fluctuating used vehicle values.

So, what’s the solution? It’s simple: switch to a sale and leaseback agreement with Zenith. All you have to do is sell us your existing vehicles for an agreed price, and in turn we’ll lease the vehicles back to you and take care of all your maintenance costs.

As for your employees, they’ll continue to benefit from their existing vehicles – but with a lower financial risk to your business. And when it comes to renewing your fleet, you’ll benefit from all the tax efficiencies of a lease supported by our purchasing power.

You’ll get all this:

  • Free up substantial capital for reinvestment – releases working capital and improves liquidity
  • Transparent costs for the duration of the contract, allowing accurate budgeting and improved cash flow
  • Reduced risk

Switching to a sale and leaseback agreement couldn’t be easier

We’ll manage the whole process on your behalf, providing a professional and cost-effective transition from outright purchase to a leased arrangement. Plus, our experts offer a full funding analysis based on your unique business position. Helping you find your most cost effective and tax efficient funding solutions.

More than just minimised risk

Big benefits, risk-free.

Not only does a sale and leaseback agreement let you transition your vehicles into a risk-free fleet, it offers a valuable injection of capital and future tax efficiencies.

And the benefits of sale and leaseback aren’t just financial. With our extensive range of additional products and fleet management services, we can help reduce your admin and free up your internal resource.

Giving you the most valuable commodity of all: time. And did we mention all of this?

  • Access to attractive funding rates
  • Flexible funding solutions – ability to easily provide different funding solutions seamlessly for segmented fleets
  • Analysis to determine the most cost and tax efficient way of funding your fleet

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