Supporting your employees, our drivers: COVID-19

In a time of uncertainty, we wanted to let our drivers know that no matter what happened, we were always there when they needed us. And, as the UK’s leading independent leasing provider, we have a significant number of drivers that rely on our help, support and advice.

2.3 CES

From 1st February to 30th April, our average Customer Effort Score was 2.3. That means when we asked ‘how easy was your interaction with Zenith?’ our average response was ‘very easy’.


Our percentage of mobile tyre fitting appointments soared by 68% in April.

55 NPS

From 1st February to 30th April, our average Net Promoter Score was 55. NPS measures customer loyalty and with scores ranging from -100 (unhappy customers) to 100 (loyal customers), we think we’re doing pretty well.


For many of our drivers, during lockdown mobility was key. Whether it was to safely commute as a front-line worker, make a weekly trip to the supermarket or drop off supplies for a vulnerable family member, every journey was a critical one. Our role, as always, was to keep drivers informed and to work closely with our network to make every interaction with us as easy as possible.


A friendly voice from a safe environment

Thanks to our industry-leading technology, we were able to switch to a virtual workplace in just a matter of days. This meant that our people were able to safely work from their home, while drivers could still contact us in the same way, via email, phone or live chat.

During this time, our phone lines were extremely busy. But, customer service at Zenith means putting our customers first. So, we took the time to listen, understand and help, person-to-person. And our handy online booking form meant that drivers could request an MOT, service or repair, anytime, anywhere.


We’re enormously proud to say that based on our driver surveys we retained an industry-leading Customer Effort Score (CES) average of 2.3 and Net Promoter Score (NPS) average of 55.

*Statistics from 1st February-30th April

Keeping our drivers mobile

Accidents and repairs can’t be planned, so when a driver got in touch to let us know there was something wrong, we made it our number one priority to get them back up and running as quickly as possible.

Even with our switch to home working, our average response times remained the same throughout February-April.

Our large network of repairers and workshops usually means we’re able to make a booking straight away, but as many closed during lockdown to protect their workers, we relied on our efficient mobile services, such as mobile tyre fitting.


Our percentage of mobile tyre fitting appointments soared by 68% in April – just a little thing we were able to offer to help our drivers with their critical journeys.


“Excellent service from Jenny.”

Nishma, Zenith driver

Brand new wheels

With the growth in electric vehicles (EVs) and ease of access to our online ordering platforms, we have spoken with many drivers looking to order their next brand new car. Whether it was a question about vehicle availability, a new model or how to find the right fit for the family, our
team has been there round the clock to support drivers with their decision.

And because we know how exciting new car delivery day is, we quickly worked with our suppliers to ensure that safe deliveries could take place as soon as possible. This included social distancing, disinfecting of high touch areas and no need for a signature. Complete peace of mind.


“I could not have asked for anything more. Perfect.”

Colin, Zenith driver

It’s all about the updates

We always keep our drivers up-to-date, whether it’s a change in company car tax or update to the EV grant. Over the last few months, we have shared FAQs, hints, tips and updates with our drivers to ensure they’re always in the loop.

From car maintenance to spring driving tips, our online insights hub has had over 20,000 views, that’s a lot of advice!

*February-May 2020

Driver FAQs

We answered some of our frequently asked questions for drivers to read in their own time.

Regular vehicle checks

To keep vehicles in a roadworthy condition we produced a weekly checklist for drivers.

Caring for your DPF

All diesel cars are fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF), and it’s important that it’s maintained.

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