Our purpose is to provide sustainable vehicle mobility solutions, helping our industry on its journey to net zero.
Zenith, as the UK’s leading independent leasing, fleet management and vehicle outsourcing business, has an enormous opportunity to help grow carbon-free travel.

In addition, our unique role between the vehicle manufacturer, our customers, suppliers, investors, and as an employer means we can also have a positive impact on people, society, and the economy.

We are focussed on the sustainability issues that matter most to our stakeholders and us, and where we can have the greatest impact, such as:

  • Reducing carbon emissions through the decarbonisation of vehicles
  • Promoting diversity of thought and an inclusive culture
  • Supporting colleagues’ health & wellbeing
  • Colleague training & development
  • Operating an ethical supply chain
  • Tackling financial crime
  • Combatting modern slavery and human trafficking

We underpin our environmental, human, social and economic sustainability with effective corporate governance, transparency, technological development, individual accountability, a resilient business model, and sustainable funding.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG): how we make a measurable, positive difference.

Zenith is committed to delivering a positive impact for the environment, people, society, the economy, and our stakeholders, which is why we embed sustainability throughout our business.

Responsibility sits with our ESG committee, which has devolved powers from our Leadership Board to:

  • Identify and assess climate-related risks and opportunities
  • Track progress against ESG targets and metrics
  • Plans to align our ESG strategy with international reporting frameworks and standards
  • Calculate and monitor our GHG emissions
  • Oversee ESG-related regulatory change.



We have four pillars that enable our
drive to sustainability, internally and
with stakeholders.

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Zenith has always been a great place to work – we want to make that even better and attract the best talent.

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Conducting business responsibly means being open and transparent, and always nurturing good corporate governance.

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We're a certified carbon
neutral organisation

Operating ethically: how we behave and run our business

Sustainability is broader than just reducing our environmental impact, empowering our people, or having a positive impact on society. It’s about our ethical business practices, fostering a culture that has a positive impact on the environment, people, society, and the economy.

In our commitment to ethical business we:

  • Treat our customers with respect and fairness, including helping those who may be struggling
  • Support colleagues in their personal and professional development to fulfil their potential
  • Deliver great customer outcomes through our people, systems, and processes
  • Tackle financial crime and promote awareness among our stakeholders
  • Promote human rights and tackle modern slavery and human trafficking
  • Ensure our partners and suppliers uphold and promote the same values, standards, and business practices
  • Promote and advocate to reduce the industry’s environmental impact and increase awareness of climate change
  • Work closely with government and industry bodies to ensure a competitive and sustainable industry
  • Ensure open, honest, and compliant reporting practices.
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People Promise

Our people strategy describes how we will continue to invest in our colleagues, recruit for growth and be the first choice in the industry for colleagues to develop their careers.



We rely on our network of suppliers to keep our customers moving, therefore, it's important that our business partners share our values. Find out more about our supply chain.



Giving Something Back has always come naturally to Zenith colleagues. We support communities local to our UK-wide locations, from charity days, to school partnerships and much more.

Annual report 2023

To find out more about our ESG approach including stakeholder engagement, actions and outcomes. Download our annual report.