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International objective, local solution

Total transparency with exceptional reach. Our international fleet offer makes European leasing easy. Delivering a tailored solution across borders.
National, international, exceptional

An international fleet doesn’t necessarily fit neatly into one box. Even for a single business. Whether it’s local legislation, infrastructure or even culture, they can all impact on policy and operations. That’s why we developed a solution that works in each country and as a whole.

Two routes to continual policy improvement

Our international solution can be used independently or combined to create a fully outsourced solution.

Auto Alliance

Our partnership of leading vehicle leasing providers across Europe proves the importance of both local and international relationships.

Each Auto Alliance partner is well-established in their territory. They’ll manage your fleet day-to-day within their own markets to maintain a local supply chain and reinforce relationships. The benefits? Clear communication, cultural understanding and simple admin.

In addition, we take responsibility for the strategic development of your fleet internationally. We agree your objectives and work with each of our partners to deliver them in all countries, sharing insight and best practice along the way.

International Pulse

Our management information platform powers real business results by consolidating your international fleet data, regardless of the funding method or supplier.

That data then opens the door to fleet analysis – enabling observations that feed into quarterly recommendations. Our expert consultants will help  you make evidence-based policy decisions; from predicting and controlling hidden costs like vehicle downtime to managing your local supplier base.

Total transparency

Get whole fleet visibility with our award-winning International Pulse management information platform. Develop a deeper understanding of your drivers with MI from every vehicle, in every country, all in one place – and because we can upload data from anywhere, you can spot trends and cost-saving opportunities straight away.

People powered

Dedicated European leasing specialists minimise the pressure. From start to finish, we’ll handle everything, providing the same high level of service regardless of territory. Your familiar International relationship manager is responsible for co-ordinating your fleet for ease and simplicity.

The strength of the partnership

We are not a one-size fits all solution. Instead, our local expertise matches your drivers’ needs to make a solution that is achievable and sustainable. The Auto Alliance is made up of strategic partners with senior stakeholder engagement in our core business activities. Our intelligent and co-operative relationship strives to enhance your fleet in the long-term.



By using a partnership of top leasing suppliers, our coverage is vast. In Europe alone, we reach over 30 countries to allow our customers confidence that they will be able to access a vehicle when they need one.


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