COVID-19 Driver FAQs

We've answered some of our frequently asked questions

In these uncertain times, we want you to know that we are here for you.

Whether you want to find out more about your brand new car options, have queries about an upcoming delivery or want to speak to us about your existing car – we’re ready to help.

We’ve answered some of your frequently asked questions for you to read in your own time. We anticipate that things will change over the coming weeks, so we’ll keep this information up-to-date.

Last updated: 21st April 2020

Orders & renewals

Absolutely. You can still place an order for your brand-new vehicle as you would usually. If you’re unsure of your options or how to place an order, we can help.

Call 0330 134 8792

Email getaquote@zenith.co.uk

Considering electric? The Budget confirmed that for tax year 2020/21 the company car tax percentage for a fully electric, zero emitting vehicle is 0%, which means you will pay £0 Benefit-in-Kind (BiK) tax for that year.

In 2021/22 the percentage is only 1%, rising to 2% for 2022/23, 2023/24 and 2024/25 – considerably lower than a typical petrol or diesel company car tax rate. Find out more.

At the moment, we’re unsure about how lead times for new vehicles will be impacted when deliveries are back up and running. Many of the manufacturers have closed their factories to protect their workers. However, once you have placed your order, we will keep you updated with estimated delivery dates as we move through the crisis – we’ll do everything we can to deliver your new vehicle as soon as possible.

Yes, we typically contact you 6 months before the end of your contract. We will be in touch when you are due and let you know your options.

Yes, you will still be able to obtain a quote and purchase your vehicle, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation.

Please contact our customer service team, who will be happy to discuss the viability of extending your current agreement with us.

Collections & deliveries

We are starting to see challenges in this part of the supply chain where delivery agents and dealerships are having to close for the lockdown period.

We will be back in touch with you as soon as we can to let you know when your new car will be delivered.

The network is currently closed, which means collections are paused for the time being. You will need to ensure that the company insurance is still being provided on the vehicle whilst it is still in your possession.

Please ensure the vehicle is parked legally and not causing an obstruction, and we will be in touch as soon as we are able to arrange collection.

Please inform your employer that the vehicle is unable to be collected and that they must keep the vehicle insured. Please contact the Zenith customer service team and provide them with your odometer reading, do not drive it again and please ensure the vehicle is parked safely, legally and not causing an obstruction.

We will be in touch with you once we are able to arrange collection.

If you have received delivery of a demo vehicle from Zenith and have been informed that the vehicle cannot be collected as planned, please do not continue to drive the vehicle. You will only be insured to drive the vehicle for up to 96 hours after taking delivery.

We will be in touch to let you know when we may be able to arrange collection.

Accident management

If you are driving a Zenith vehicle and have an accident or incident, please follow the normal process and contact us as soon as possible. Remember:

  • Safety first – ensure that all parties are safe and away from any risks at the scene of the accident
  • If anyone is injured, call the police and ambulance
  • Exchange details with the other driver (if applicable) and any witnesses from a safe distance. Follow guidance to stay 2 metres (6ft) away from other people
  • Do not admit liability
  • If safe to do so, take pictures of the scene, road layout and all vehicles damaged or evidence of damage not present
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home
Servicing, repairs & MOTs

Many repairers and workshops are closed at the moment, which means delays to bookings and priority slots will be given to key workers. However, rest assured we are working closely with our suppliers to place bookings as soon as we are able to.

If you are driving a Zenith vehicle and need to book a repair, please use our online form to be added to our booking queue.

It may take us a little longer to book in your vehicle as we are experiencing high volumes of requests, but we continue to monitor the network capability and we’ll be in touch to let you know what is possible.

Please be aware many of our repairers have closed for the lockdown period, but we are trying to find options for business-critical vehicles.

If you are driving a Zenith vehicle and have broken down, please contact us as you normally would. The AA are still operating their patrol services across the country.

If you are driving a Zenith vehicle and it is due for a service, then this will need to be rearranged once the lockdown phase has concluded. Many manufacturers have extended service schedules, however vehicles must be kept in a roadworthy condition at all times. We recommend completing a number of weekly checks.

Once services are running normally again, we will be able to make a booking for your vehicle. The quickest and best way to do this is via our online form.

If you have any concerns about your vehicle or notice any issues, please contact us immediately.

From 30 March 2020, the department of transport have granted a 6-month exemption from MOT testing for cars, motorcycles and vans to allow people to carry on with essential travel. Vehicles must be kept in a roadworthy condition.

We will then reset our system to proactively contact you based on your new expiry date once confirmed by the DVSA.

If you need to arrange a repair or replacement for tyres or glass, contact us to let us know. Where available, we will use a mobile service.

Our team is chasing the progress of all new work for essential users to ensure we get your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible.

Hire cars & daily rental

If you require a hire car, please continue to contact us as usual. Our daily rental partners are designated as a key partner in the supply chain and we will be able to confirm availability on a case by case basis, based on your requirements. If you think you need something in the next few weeks, we recommend placing an order with us as soon as you can.

Unfortunately, there is no replacement vehicle provision as part of your lease agreement. However, please contact us. Our daily rental team will be able to put you in touch with one of our partners that may be able to arrange a hire vehicle for you at a preferential rate.