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A 10-Point Delivery Checklist for Drivers

21 / 10 / 2019  |  Driver Guides

So, you’ve chosen your model, placed your order and it’s been confirmed. All that’s left to do is take delivery of your brand new car – how exciting!

To help you out on the big day, here’s a handy checklist of things to look out for:

10-point checklist
  1. Has the delivery driver provided an explanation of the vehicle controls that you are happy with and understand?
  2. Are the exterior colour and interior trim as you ordered?
  3. Is the vehicle unmarked? That means absolutely no scratches or dents.
  4. Is the vehicle showroom clean?
  5. If the vehicle has alloy wheels, is the locking wheel nut key in the glove box?
  6. Are any additional options specified on order as they should be? E.g. Bluetooth
  7. Are the service and user manuals present?
  8. Have you been given at least one set of spare keys?
  9. Do the number plates on the vehicle match the registration number on the paperwork?
  10. Have four floor mats been provided?
Driving an electric?
  1. Check that you have been provided with a mobile charging cable
  2. Ask if the car is charged and ready to go
  3. Locate the vehicle’s charge point and check that your mobile charging kit has the correct adapter
  4. Ask if your new electric car comes with an app

Don’t forget

Your new car should be delivered to you in showroom condition – ready for you to drive away and enjoy. If the vehicle is damaged, or you believe the specification is not in line with the order you placed, get in touch with us straight away.

All ok? Great! It’s time to get behind the wheel of your brand new car.

Any questions?

Contact your Zenith Account Manager, who will be happy to help.