The perks of driving an electric vehicle

Electric vehicles have never been more appealing

Leasing an electric vehicle (EV) is a great option, which is why uptake is higher than the wider UK market.

Drivers enjoy a 1% Benefit-in-Kind tax rate, rising to only 2% from April and then fixed to 2025. EVs also benefit from significant savings on fuel, lower road tax, discounted access to clean air zones and free parking in many cities.

Our EV gurus support drivers with decisions on choosing the best car to suit their needs, home charging, accessing public networks and generally helping make the transition as easy as possible.

Electric cars can be cheaper, greener and more fun so embrace the future now and go electric!

Want to learn more?

Browse our range of electric vehicles via your Zenith website or read our handy driver guides.

What we love about
electric cars

More choice than ever with a car to suit everyone
Ranges available from 150 miles to more
than 300 miles
Electric cars are fun, quick, quiet and smooth
Charging is really easy - just plug it in and leave it.

Leasing for your employees

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