Keep your EV battery healthy

23 / 12 / 2020  |  Driver Guides

Maintaining your vehicle’s battery will help to manage its range and performance. These simple steps will help keep it in top condition:

  1. Unless your journey requires a full charge, experts advise that it’s best to charge to 80%.
  2. Don’t let your vehicle’s battery go completely flat. It’s advisable to keep your state of charge above 15%.
  3. After a charge, give the batteries a chance to cool down.
  4. Be mindful of extreme temperatures. Long-term exposure to high temperatures can decrease battery life.
  5. Fast chargers are a great tool when you need them but try not to use them every time as they are not good for performance in the long run.
  6. If you’re going on holiday and plan to leave the car at home, it’s advisable to set the charge level to 50% and leave it plugged in. If you are leaving the car parked somewhere and going away, make sure it has enough charge to get you home after an extended period without charge.
  7. Battery balancing can help to maximise your battery’s capacity. Every three months, a long drive or maximum charge will help your battery management system.

Any questions?

If your car is maintained by Zenith and you have any questions about your EV battery or general queries about your car, contact your dedicated driver team.

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