Working smarter

We built Agile with trust at its core to give our colleagues the flexibility they deserve.
Agile working

We work Agile. Our flexible working strategy means colleagues can work where, when, and how they want, as long as the needs of our customers and teams are met. Our approach is hybrid rather than purely remote or office based because our vibrant office culture still plays a vital role in collaboration, innovation, and growing talent — particularly for colleagues at the start of their careers. Agile at Zenith has trust at its core and makes us more inclusive and accessible to a wider talent pool.

Since introducing Agile, our colleague turnover has reduced despite a surge in the employment market, and it is now seen by colleagues as one of our most valued benefits. It has made us more accessible to a wider group of society who are seeking to work in a progressive business while balancing home and work commitments. We know that this often includes under-represented groups such as women and people with disabilities.


of leaders trained in leading agile teams

Significant investment in IT equipment and meeting room upgrades

Reduction in colleague turnover

Leading by example

Change can be a challenge, but it’s always an opportunity. Before we launched Agile, we rolled out leadership excellence training. The training combined neuroscience and real-life examples to help leaders understand how to perform at their best when leading Agile teams.

Leaders started to connect more with each other and their teams as they led the organisation through cultural change.

It is part of an ever-growing leadership and talent development programme. Our approach includes support for new managers (new to Zenith or new to leading a team) through our world-class manager programme, taking learning from the Online Academy and 90-minute interactive experiential workshops. Leadership development is also part of our wider inclusion agenda as we grow an increasingly diverse Zenith colleague base and provide more senior roles and broader opportunities to progress for all.

Life at Zenith
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Inclusion everywhere

A diverse and inclusive workplace leads to a stronger culture and better business outcomes. We launched an ambitious five-year diversity and inclusion plan.



Whether you’re at the start of your career journey or already part-way along the road, a Zenith apprenticeship could be for you.