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Digital enablement through CVConnect

Insight is everything when it comes to efficiently managing your fleet. Our advanced digital solutions give you assurance on compliance, cost management, service performance, and ultimately transparency across your fleet operation in one centralised user-friendly platform – CVConnect.

We’ve invested in bespoke systems that give us the flexibility to tailor solutions to your needs, informing strategic decision making and creating a competitive advantage.

All of the information you need is at your fingertips, live and 24/7. And we can integrate our systems into yours, creating the opportunity for you to have richer data and more detailed insight.

No other commercial vehicle fleet management service offers the same level of digital enablement.

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Our technology suite

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The complete operator’s data platform.

This intuitive service will give you access to:

  • Your fleet list
  • Live breakdowns and VOR progress
  • Defects – current and ability to raise new
  • Reviewing and authorising job estimates
  • Authorising recharges
  • View your compliance planner
  • Vehicle documentation

Our platform provides a real-time view of your fleet, ensuring you always have your finger on the pulse.

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Our digital vehicle inspection tool boosts efficiency and helps keep your vehicles compliant and on the road.

The intuitive app provides:

  • Real time update of inspections and defects enabling rapid responses and repairs to vehicles
  • Driver alerts on vehicle drivability
  • Early identification of defects that can compromise road-worthiness and safety of vehicles
  • Digital authorisation of repairs and record keeping to assist with DVSA compliance
  • A fully configurable environment to allow daily vehicle checks, standalone defect capture, plus a range of customer specific inspections

Minimise your ‘vehicle off road’ times and improve fleet operating costs with CVInspect.

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Used by our workshop, mobile technicians and third party networks, our digital platform provides a fully audited trail of costs from estimate through to invoice payment. You will have full visibility of parts and labour pricing, images of work undertaken and authorisations.

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Full fleet data presented in the most flexible way. A helicopter view of a full fleet can be interrogated down to a single vehicle, cost and time in just a few clicks. See fleet spend over time, by vehicles, types of spend, number of jobs, league tables by depot, assets, regions, and more.

Access to our platform is fully customisable, meaning that each user or user group’s experience is configured to their specific needs; (e.g. charts, tables, graphs, modules, KPIs, and reports).

Our services


We’re a leading name in UK commercial fleet leasing, management and maintenance. We manage more than 50,000 vehicles.


Our 7,000 trailers make up the largest trailer rental fleet in the UK. We serve the top ten businesses in the Motor Transport top 100 fleets and multiple smaller operators.

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