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Maintenance and repair

Our national maintenance network comprises 3,000 third-party agents, a specialised vehicle service centre, and an over 120 (and growing) strong fleet of our own mobile service units to provide unparalleled coverage in the UK.


third-party agents


mobile service units

We’re here for you wherever and whenever you need us

Our third-party network provides expansive coverage for all vehicle and trailer configurations underpinned by our digital platform, CVlink, which interfaces with our repair partners and ensures accuracy and auditability for both cost and compliance related events.

The breadth and depth of our network ensures we have the capacity, capability and geographical reach to maintain, recover, and carry out all maintenance and repair elements associated with running a commercial vehicle fleet. Our in-house parts supply proposition allows our customers to benefit from our substantial buying power and stock control, resulting in more cost effective and timely repairs, minimising vehicle downtime and optimising cost control.

As our industry continues to evolve, we know our customers are looking for increased flexibility in how they maintain their fleets. That’s why we continue to invest in our mobile-based maintenance solutions ensuring we’re well placed to support our customers who require an onsite maintenance solution for their vehicles and trailers. The diagnostic and tooling equipment on board our 120+ mobile service fleet leads the industry.

Our mobile technicians have vast experience in maintaining all trailer and LCV derivatives and often offers onsite defect clinics for our customers fleet which includes minor defects on HGV’s thus reducing vehicle downtime and the need for vehicles to leave site and require a workshop visit.

In a market where there is considerable strain on the UK repair and maintenance network, we continue to adapt to customer demand and invest in our direct service capability. The benefit to customers is clear – reduced vehicle downtime and economies of scale across parts and labour costs.

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A strong and capable team

We have a knowledgeable team of in-house commercial vehicle specialist engineers and technicians. Our mobile service engineers are on call seven days a week, so you can be sure that whatever happens, wherever it happens, our team are there to get you moving again, fast.

Our network has the capability to provide everything you need,
from a re-spray to a re-build.


Because of our maintenance networks and expertise, we’re trusted by customers (including Yodel, EVRi and Poundland), who we support by running 10 of their own vehicle maintenance units (VMUs).  

Industry leader

We are the industry leader in double-deck trailer maintenance. We work with manufacturers for approved accreditation and certification and provide specialised maintenance and repair services at our workshop in Glasgow.

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Keeping your options open

Whether you prefer a totally flexible pay-as-you-go plan, or the comfort of a fixed monthly payment that ring-fences your costs for an agreed period we have a solution. Our best-in-class management information platform provides transparency and trend analysis to help you understand exactly how your fleet is performing.   

Our services

Fleet solutions

We’re a leading name in UK commercial fleet leasing, management and maintenance. We manage more than 50,000 vehicles.

Trailer rentals

Our 7,000 trailers make up the largest trailer rental fleet in the UK. We serve the top ten businesses in the Motor Transport top 100 fleets and multiple smaller operators.

A comprehensive range of services for
commercial fleets

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