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Flex with the best

Leasing, short-term and flexible hire

We know operators need flexibility to optimise cost and operational performance through seasonal peaks in demand. 

The fleet you need, when you need it

The breadth and depth of our service proposition enables us to develop strategic fleet models, providing surety of asset coverage when needed, at a competitive cost.  

However long you need to lease a vehicle, from one week to many years, our flexible leasing arrangements mean you always have the fleet you need. And with transparent fixed rates, including maintenance and tyres, your costs are the only things that aren’t flexible. 

Whether you’re looking for short-term, pay-as-you go, or to lease long-term, our bespoke solutions give you the most competitive total cost of ownership in the sector. 

Your fleet, your way

Our wide range of funding and maintenance options combined with a tailored approach to partnering, ensures that you get the solution that’s right for your business. 

The breadth of our service portfolio, our experience, and flexible approach to fleet services means we can provide whatever you’re looking for. We consult to understand what works best for your business, and then build a tailored solution.    

Our team has unrivalled experience when it comes to our customers’ challenges across a wide range of asset classes and use cases, and in finding the flexible solutions that work best for you. Our unrivalled retention rates and long-term customer partnerships tell you what you need to know about our trusted service.  

Our services


We’re a leading name in UK commercial fleet leasing, management and maintenance. We manage more than 50,000 vehicles.

Trailer rentals

Our 7,000 trailers make up the largest trailer rental fleet in the UK. We serve the top ten businesses in the Motor Transport top 100 fleets and multiple smaller operators.


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For the most responsive, bespoke leasing, short-term hire and flexible hire services in the UK, contact Zenith Commercial today.