something back

Proudly supporting our local communities.

We support communities local to our UK-wide locations, from charity days, to school partnerships and much more.


raised by colleagues despite the impact of multiple lockdowns

Corporate Social Responsibility

Giving Something Back has always come naturally to Zenith colleagues, seeking out ways in which we can support those around us, be that by raising vital funds or simply putting in physical effort, if the opportunity is there, we’ll take it!

Our initiatives include everything from food bank donations to Christmas jumper days in support of our community and charities.

To give you a flavour for how CSR sits in our culture, dealing with COVID-19 meant a last-minute cancellation to our planned Christmas party, so we auctioned off the hotel rooms, raffled the wine and donated the already prepared food to a local food bank, eliminating waste and raising a sum of £3,000. It just made sense to make good of bad situation.

Another example is that our colleagues kindly chose to donate their refunded sports and social subscription fees to our charity of the year, Mind, raising £1,600.

Genuinely giving something back to those around us in terms of both money and time are at the heart of our philosophy.


We are actively investing in the next generation of talent, Zenith’s future people. We partner with schools across the country – providing interview skills practice, attending careers fairs, and showcasing apprenticeships.

We have found that this makes the transition from education to the world of work slightly easier for students, giving them more chance of success. It also gives us the chance to shout about the fleet industry, which they may not have come across before, enabling potential future colleagues to make an informed choice about their early career steps.


Annually our colleagues vote for their chosen charity of the year. In 2021, we chose the mental health charity, Mind and in 2022 we’re supporting Dementia UK. All the money raised throughout the year from our local fundraising will be given to them as they continue to support those living with Dementia.

Our Zenith colleagues like a challenge, and so where we can, we seize the opportunity to push our personal limits. In 2022 we took on the National Three Peaks Challenge, and for those who don’t like the great outdoors, we’re using indoor static bikes to cycle the equivalent mileage of the Three Peaks in November.

In 2021 we hosted an array of fundraising events, which included:

  • Zenith Olympics
  • Macmillan coffee morning
  • Abbey Dash 10k run
  • Sponsoring a table at Maggie’s charity event
  • Sponsoring the Leeds Piano Festival
  • Donations from Best Companies survey completion (£1 per completed survey)
  • Children in Need
  • Comic Relief.

As events in Ukraine unfolded early in 2022, colleagues wanted to help. We proudly provided four HGVs to the Yorkshire Aid Convoy to take food and medical supplies in support of those in desperate need as well as supporting a fundraising effort, kicked off with a company donation.